Sunday, January 30, 2011

Party in the USA

My headache went away just in time to go to the boy's party at Chuck E. Cheese. Being a childless adult, it is not a place I visit too often. When I think Chuck E., I think hyper kids, greasy pizza, and about when my cousin Charlene worked there and was reprimanded for spelling out dirty words on the counter in pepperoni. Eventually, she was demoted from handling the food to wearing the rat costume, but that is a story for another time.

As it turns out, the pizza wasn't as bad as I remembered (the veggie one was pretty okay), but I was right about the hyper, screaming kids. And when Chuck E. says your party will be two hours, let me tell you, he means two hours. Things got a little off schedule when the birthday boy disappeared just as it was time to cut the cake. I swear Chuckette (our party planner) would have cut it without him if we hadn't made her wait until he was located at the ticket counter trying to turn in tickets for a prize.

Ultimately, they ended up having to take the presents along to open at home, because there was no time and it was clear Chuck E. was going to call in his goons if we didn't vacate the party area asap. I think Antonio's parents spent quite a bit of money on the festivities (not just on the kids, but also extra food for the parents), which makes that a bit unfortunate, but I'm sure that there was another party after ours. They were probably just trying to stay on schedule. Still, it looked like the kids had fun, which was the point.

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