Monday, January 24, 2011

Freaky Little Dogs

Liline C. Papillon, originally uploaded by Martina.

Lily, who is the best and freakiest smallest dog in my house, has a skin allergy. I swear in her two short years she's had more antibiotics and anti-inflammatories than I've had in a lifetime. We think it's either her food or fleas, so she is on a food trial. Actually, ALL the dogs are on a food trial, because it's really difficult to keep them eating different things, when she insists on getting into everyone else's food. Plus, the others are all suckers. One of them actually lets her take food OUT OF HIS MOUTH.

Despite that, the new Salmon and Sweet Potato diet (I know, it sounds weird, but she needed novel protein and carb sources for it to work) is going well. What's not going as well is treating her for fleas. Administering Advantage is NOT a painful process (it just involves dabbing a little at the hairline), but you'd think we were trying to skin her alive. Every time she sees the little vial, she heads for the hills.

I think you know your dog is spoiled when having a drop of liquid put on her constitutes discomfort.

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