Thursday, July 27, 2006


The Hermit is my card. I've always like to think it was The Fool, but lately it has been The Hermit. Having always had a slight tendancy toward withdrawal, I suppose it was to be expected. Sometimes it is necessary, you know.

Withdrawal isn't always bad (unless, of course, you're relying on it as a reliable method of contraception, which I wouldn't recommend. But this is about inner upheaval and not unwanted pregnancy or even population control...though I suppose less people would make it easier to be alone. But that's not my point. My point was...I had a point? What was it? Where was I? Where am I? Oh, yes...)

Sometimes pulling back is necessary. It's good to take stock. It's good to get to know your feelings, letting them wrap around you like a heavy coat on a cold day. Then you can see how they fit; how you fit into them. Sometimes that's enough to acheive clarity. Other times it's not so simple. Either way, after a while a you tire of trying on outerwear. You find yourself ready to leave the hermitage for a bit. You force yourself back into the world, knowing that when you need to retreat into your cave again it will still be there filled with mothballs and coats.

But, for now, here I am.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Near Oceanside
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There is perhaps an irony in posting that I am going to be away from a blog that I don't update anyway, but I am off to the beach to celebrate Jen's birthday, which is a trip worthy occasion worthy all on its own. I'm also hoping this little getaway will help me escape from the shadowy blue funk in which I find myself these days. Of course, if people just stopped making me miss and worry about them, I could save myself a lot of moping and gas money. Being concerned, peevish, caring, and hurt all at one time is tiring work. On the other hand, it's all good training for the day I take the gold in the worry olympics. I'm strong; I'm focused. I think I can do it this year. But, for now, I'm off to the salty air and crashing waves.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Birthday Buddy

Loki helps knit
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This message is brought to you by Jen's birthday buddy, Loki the Freeway Cat, who is surprisingly good typist:


In honor of your birthday and your love of lists, Loki has composed for you a listy retrospective of Jen & Mart's Great Adventures

1. Being shafted in Shafter

2. Your dad walking in on you, Martina and MQ as you all were sitting on your bed, wearing visors and smoking carrot stick cigars while teaching yourselves to play poker from a book

3. Replacing all of MQ's artwork in her bedroom with our own drawings. Loki, who always refers to himself in the 3rd person (just like Bob Dole and Tom Clancy) would especially like to remind you of The Madonna with Cone Bra, The Godfather of Grunge, and The Clown of Life.

4. The hotel with the vibrating beds in Yuba City

5. The sniper Day's Inn on 1st Street in Santa Ana

6. Wigfest

7. Meeting Tom Clancy at Wordstock

8. The Bovine Murder Train Sessions

9. The Chicago Underground

10. Bunny ears, cold medicine, Furby and Ricky Martin

11. Driving hours out of our way to see the wonder that is Carhenge

12. Being glared at by Romance fans at Powell's for laughing to loudly at the bodice ripper covers

13. Snack pockets

14. Pammyana: A Woman of Many Appetites

15. Driving to Tacoma to see George Michael in concert, then chanting "Wham Rap" when he asked for requests

16. The Baker Eagles

17. The campaign to bring the term "jive" back into popular usage

18. Pronking

19. The Butts of the Ancients Tour at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

In closing, Loki hopes that the beginning of birthday month is also the beginning of a kickass new year. (He really likes the word "kickass".)