Saturday, July 15, 2006


Near Oceanside
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There is perhaps an irony in posting that I am going to be away from a blog that I don't update anyway, but I am off to the beach to celebrate Jen's birthday, which is a trip worthy occasion worthy all on its own. I'm also hoping this little getaway will help me escape from the shadowy blue funk in which I find myself these days. Of course, if people just stopped making me miss and worry about them, I could save myself a lot of moping and gas money. Being concerned, peevish, caring, and hurt all at one time is tiring work. On the other hand, it's all good training for the day I take the gold in the worry olympics. I'm strong; I'm focused. I think I can do it this year. But, for now, I'm off to the salty air and crashing waves.


Jen said...

Oh, Martina! I am so sorry for your shadowy blue funk, and I am grateful and honored that you came out to the beach. I had a wonderful time in no small part because you were there. ((w)hoooooooot ----->) (<-- shelbyville pointing finger)

I hope you get a break from your Worry Olympics training. It's good to be focused, but it would be better if you had no reason to train!

Jen said...

d'oh! I almost forgot ... "you're not JUST crazy." hee hee hee. I have a feeling we'll be saying that one for a while.

Leslita said...

I hope it helped! The ocean always reminds me how insignificant we really are and how little the things I worry about really matter. I'm not sure why that's comforting, but sometimes I find it to be.

Martina said...

Jen & Leslie -

Thank you! It was a nice weekend. It's not every outing that butt cherries, the Shelbyville hoot and a great beach house are encountered.

The ocean always makes me feel calmer as well. Things always get better with time, and until then, having such nice friends and a lot of distractions helps!

Chris Date said...

Butt cherries? You what?

Or, as Americans used to respond when subjected to divided-by-a-common-language confusion when asked "can I bum a fag off you?", 'scuse me?

Martina said...

Martina to English to Chris Translation:

"Butt cherry" is a deceptively simple term for "a cherry that looks like an ass". I truly believed it appeared in the bag as a birthday shout out, because of
Jen's affiliation with the Butts of the Ancients tour at LACMA.

The Shelbyville Hoot is better explained by a seasoned hooter. I am only an apprentice, never having seen the actual Simpsons episode that engendered it. It involves a lot of pointing and mocking, which appeals to me for obvious reasons.

But, more importantly, why do you want to borrow a gay man? Frankly, I'm concerned. Also, I really don't think "fag" is very pc...Tee hee