Thursday, January 27, 2011

Little Boy

The Grotto - Antonio, originally uploaded by Martina.

This weekend the boy turns six. It seems like yesterday that he first pushed his little stroller up to the fence, so he could climb on top of it for easier fence scaling. He was two then. After that first day, every time he wanted to come over, he stood at the fence bellowing until someone came out to lift him over the fence.

Who would have thought on that first day that this funny little boy would become part of my family? It's really because of him that I got to know his family. We would have all gone on with our busy lives, waving and smiling when we went out to get the mail, but never pausing long enough to really get to know each other. I might have never experienced a quincinera or sopes with cactus leaves and I certainly would never have watched any Chipmunks movie going a dozen times.

Antonio changed all that. He is in Kindergarten now and calls me his aunt and my mother his "favorite grandma", and I like that. On Friday nights, he often shows up with his little backpack tow, so he can spend the night. When I come home from work trips, guess who's conveniently waiting to visit, so he can help me unpack (the presents he rightfully assumes I've brought back for him)?

He never ceases to amaze me. He makes me want kids of my own. He is so goofy and sweet and sometimes even reverent. Last summer when he and I took my mom to The Grotto to go for a walk on her birthday, he disappeared. For a moment, I panicked, then I looked over at the altar to find him all alone, praying, hands folded, eyes squeezed shut tight.

I wonder sometimes what it is he was praying. I hope at least some of it was thanks for having so many people around who love him. I know that I am thankful that he is there to love!

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Anne said...

This is wonderful! I'm sorry I took so long to come back to your blog!