Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm late! I'm late!


Approximately half way through my January post-a-day project, I have fallen behind, but I think that is okay. Despite being an unrepentant cheater, I'll make it up. I'm not above back dating either, as you may have noticed. Sometimes it's more important to remain true to the spirit of an agreement than the letter. Even if it doesn't always turn into bits I can post, I have been writing each day and then filling in later with things I can post. Besides, what am I going to do, sue myself?

What I can say at this mid-point is that it has been good to sit down and just write a little each day. I used to noodle around with taking pictures, making music and writing stories, essays and (bad) poems all the time. Somehow as work started to consume more of my life, I moved further and further away until I just stopped. It is a sad thing, since I find far more fulfillment in creation than I do in my job. Funny how we can so easily slip into robbing ourselves of the things that give us the most pleasure. Reclaiming that neglected part of my life is really the point of this whole blog exercise. I'm not trying to write the great American novel (yet), the first step is simply to develop a habit. That seems to be happening and everything's comin' up Millhouse.

Meanwhile, I'm really glad that Jen (who is MUCH better about updating her blog than I am) is doing this too, and not only because it means I have a reader TWO readers!


Anonymous said...

I'm a reader too!!!! So glad you're 'back'! Sherry

Martina said...

Yay! I am glad you're here, Sherry!