Thursday, January 25, 2007

Too much work, too little not being tired

Like reclusive Cleocatra, pictured at left as she prepares to go to bed, I am old, tired, and cranky. Too tired to write what I had planned. I had another one of my dreams - this time involving a modest looking house on a hill (that was really a huge, multilevel, subterranean lair), a path, a puppy, a lion, and people and animals looking for shelter. As it is, however, I'm too tired to do it any justice. Frankly, I'm too tired to do much but think about going to sleep.

It's not been a bad day, just a busy one. My boss has been gone all week, which means that I've been able to play queen bee. While my rule has been a kind and benevolent one (maybe too benevolent...there are times when I feel like the babysitter who lets the kids get all hopped up on candy and stay up too late), it has also been tiring. Balancing loosening the reins on a staff that at times feels a bit choked by them while also making sure everything gets done is tricky business. I want them to be able to breathe and enjoy without taking advantage of the freedom in a negative way.

It's gone well this week. I've developed some new strategies that seem to be working. My coworkers are happy, my boss is happy, even the temp is happy. I am glad that things have gone smoothly, but it's all left me a bit sleepy. I feel like I haven't really done much this week but go to work, come home, go to sleep, go to work, come home go to sleep, etc. Hopefully, with the weekend will come a new era that includes "do something fun" somewhere in between the work and sleep part. Right now, however, sleep sounds more fun than anything else that comes to mind, so good night!


Sonya said...

OMG! I totally used to have that comforter when I was married!

Martina said...

Tee hee...that is funny! Mine is ANCIENT. I bought it at a Bed-in-a-Bag store sometime in the early 90's when I moved to California. It's kind of ugly and dated at this point, but Cleo still likes it (probably because she's an old fart and remembers it as part of her her kittenish youth).