Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Snow Day

Today was, much to the delight of the dogs and humans of Powellhurst alike, another snow day. While the canine contingent spent its day alternately going out to frolic in the snow and coming in to warm up, I spent mine playing doorman and working on my laptop. Alas, my boss has caught on to the fact that internet access allows work from home, so my freewheeling days of lounging about are over.

As work days go, it really wasn't a bad one. I got a lot done and managed to watch Arsenic & Old Lace (it was even better than I remembered!) and multiple Angel episodes while doing so. Of course, it helped that today's project was the sort that would have been acheivable by a drug addled, blind monkey with ADD.

But the day wasn't all slaving away on the couch while watching movies. I did manage to talk to a friend in Germany (who informed me that Portland was on the news there, now famous for its citizens inability to handle roads in inclement weather) and also take a walk to the Plaid Pantry on the corner. Over the course of that short walk, I was able to determine a number of things:

1) Some of my neighbors are a few balls short of an snowman - the guy who was pulling his kids sleigh down the road by monster truck; the other guy who was doing cookies on the corner with a snow mobile while encouraging his dog to chase him; the guy who almost slid his car into me, because he was too eager to wait for his light to turn green before turning. But that's only three people. As far as I can tell, the rest of them are ok.

2) My tennis shoes no longer fit right and my best walking shoes are my Keene hiking sandals, which has too many openings for effective, non-frostbitey snow walking.

3) If forced to drink only water and soy milk for long enough, nothing becomes more important than walking to the Plaid Pantry on the corner

4) If you can avoid getting hit by a car, going for walks in the snow really is delightful and should be undertaken whenever safely possible.

And now it is late and I am tired, so good night.

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