Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Good Things Come to Those...

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Not only is spring (aka the grand flowering of the earth in celebration of my naissance) is less than two months away, but it would appear that my job is potentially changing for the better! For months I have been grappling with whether to just chuck it and find a new one or trust our new CEO's promises of a better work world. Because I've built up a really good vacation and benefits package in the 5 years I've been with the company (and, more importantly, because my schedule allows me to work on the non-professional things that are what's really important to me), it's not been the easiest decision.

It actually looks like the waiting may pay off. While I still have the same boss, she is taking on extra responsibilities which will mean more delegating and less hovering. Really, the hovering part has been better for the past month or so, which kind of makes me wonder if my newly adopted policy of kind frankness in dealing with her hasn't paid off as well.

Anyway, It looks like my job could evolve back into doing more of the research and evaluation types of things I enjoy and like there will be some opportunities for completely new work. This might not be my forever job and the some of the issues particular to my work environment still remain, but it's getting better. It's looking like this could become more stimulating for me at least for as long as I do choose to stay.

This may all change when my attitude has again eroded, but today, I am feeling hopeful.


Anne said...

I love this idea of "kind frankness." These may be some guiding words for this year.

Martina said...

Thanks! In my personal relationships, I tend to ostrich in favor of making waves, hurting people's feelings, etc. Kind frankness is a way to at least try to reminding myself that I CAN say what's on my mind without being perceived as bitchy, hurtful or hatable, because I didn't just go wtih the flow. Basically, I need to give other people more credit.