Monday, January 15, 2007


Half way through my blogging month, I have officially hit my first wall on the tenth hour of this fifteenth day of the first month. For ages (or almost a half an hour) I have been staring at the screen. Little snippets of thoughts leave my fingers, only to be quickly deleted. What do I write? There's plenty of material - puzzlement with women who seem to equate the copious carats in an engagement ring with copious love; the challenge of trying to write when one lives in a house with someone who doesn't write; the incredible novel I'm currently reading (The Life of Pi - it is so wonderful!); etc.

The problem a very long day is that I am lacking the energy (and focus) to delve too deeply into any one thing. So, instead, I will share a quote that recently came to me, because it is lovely.

To care for a thing as if it was a person is illusion
To care for a person as if it was a thing is violence
To care for a person as if it was a person is justice
And to care for a person as if it was yourself is love
- Fr. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

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