Saturday, January 06, 2007

Guten Abend, Gut' Nacht

Dashiell Winn
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Promises have been made. Only a few short days ago, a post a day was vowed. Luckily for me the size and quality of said posts were never negotiated, which gives me a good out on a day when I've been busy and find myself feeling too tired to think (let alone write) too much.

Now I am home and preparing to go to bed (or at least to couch, where I will read a little Libba Bray in the futile hope that it will keep me awake until SNL starts). First, however, this post must be written, because I have managed to guilt myself into keeping my word.

Undesirable duties of the morning (work, errands) notwithstanding, it's been a nice, cozy afternoon of movie watching ("Gandhi" - if you haven't seen it, you should!), dinner and discussion. It's such an incredible movie, but I really am too tired to do it any justice here now. Suffice it to say that Ben Kingsley is amazing and that the life and philosophies of Gandhi are fascinating and worth deep consideration.

As if Gandhi weren't good enough, my library copy of "Arsenic & Old Lace" was waiting for me today when I stopped by my branch. It's such a lovable movie. Did you know Ronald Reagan was offered the part of Mortimer Brewster and turned it down? It's true! It's difficult to imagine the film being as charming as it is without Cary Grant.

In other exciting film news, not only was "Arsenic" waiting for me at the circulation desk, but also Season 1 of "Angel". This is particularly good news as it will allow me to further develop my theories on who would win in a Johnny Depp vs. James Marsters hot off. This study is, of course, purely for academic interest and offers me no personal enjoyment. I just hope that Hugh Jackman doesn't complicate things by throwing his hat into the tring.

Oh, dear. It is a long fall from the nobility of Mohandas Gandhi to hot offs. I really am tired. I do believe it IS time take a page* from the book of the adorable Dashiell Winn (pictured above).

*Note: This page is the one wherein he cuddles adorably under a blanket, not the one wherein he gets to know his catnip pillow, then splays himself on the floor all strung out and drooly. I only do that on party nights...


Anne said...

Arsenic and Old Lace is absolutely one of my favorite movies ever! I agree, Ronald Reagan? I don't think so-

Martina said...

It's difficult to imagine a Grant-free Arsenic. I'm excited to see it again as I haven't watched it in years. We're in for what our local news seems to consider blizzard conditions (aka 1-2" - that's right, I said INCHES - of snow), so perhaps I'll weather the strom watching some movies.