Tuesday, January 15, 2008

One more day...

Before even going to work today, I knew it would be a tough, so I did the sensible thing and put on my go-go dancing nun dress. As it turned out, though my skirt was short, my day was LONG (2 1/2 hours overtime so far, and I know I'll have to go in early tomorrow), but not as heinous as anticipated. Apparently it is not just my go-go dancing nun dress, but my lucky go-go dancing nun dress! The power of the groove was with me! It is always nice to know as I work my way through the day that my attire is equally appropriate for working through commissions deadlines and any spontaneous dance emergencies that might have come my way. Alas, there were none.

My work has actually been insanely busy for the past few weeks, but should hopefully winding down to a manageable level of busy, if I can just get through tomorrow. While I take an almost perverse pleasure in being pushed to my limits when it comes to work, I realized last week when I was struggling to prepare for a deadline while also filling in for my boss, who was out of town, that I was starting to remind myself of Tweek on South Park (and not only for his delightful affiliation with the underpants gnomes). It seemed like every time something new hit my desk, I had this internal "Aaagh! Way too much pressure!" reaction. I don't usually do this. I'm really good at telling myself "It's a lot, but it will get done - it always does!", because it's true. I always do manage to finish on time, but after weeks of deadline after deadline, I really am feeling burned out. Now that I'm in the final stretch, it feels like I barely have the energy to get through it, even though I know that I will and that life will go on. It is funny how we can become so freaked over something, then once it's over, it really turns out to be not such a big deal in retrospect.

So, I am counting the hours until 6 p.m. (or whatever time I finally get to go home aftr that...I know it won't be before) tomorrow, when I can pack up my things, pick up some take out, go home, put on my new pajamas, and watch my super secret shame on t.v. Having had to work through most of it tonight, I didn't get to devote my full attention to it in all of its embarassingly pointless glory.

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