Saturday, January 05, 2008

Today I am grateful for...

Busy day today, no time to write and too tired to undertake anything too ambitious now. I've always rather liked the idea of keeping a gratitude journal in which a few items are recorded each night before going to bed. Sometimes it is too easy to focus on the things we don't have that we forget to appreciate the ones that we do. So, tonight on a night when I am feeling worn out and ready to fall into bed, I am grateful...

. . . that I have shelter and don't have to sleep outside on a frigid night like tonight

. . . for friends who make me laugh, even while they are kicking my ass at online Scrabble (twice!) and threatening to make me call them, so they can hear me sing "You are the Champion"

. . . for Jenny and Antonio, who stayed with my mom yesterday and took her to her doctor's appointment, so I wouldn't have to take time off from work

. . . that the symptom that took her to the doctor, turned out point to only a minor, passing ailment rather than being a precursor to something more serious as I had feared

. . . for the friends who are encouraging my projects by offering prompts and even participating along with me

. . . for the awesome Multnomah County Library system, which enable me to take home an obscene number of books each visit

. . . for reconnecting this week with a high school friend I lost contact with 20 years ago (Internets, sometimes you hold some amazing surprises!)

. . . for the Season 1 DVD's of My Name is Earl - it really is a funny show!

. . . that Lily (puppy, who loves everyone and thinks everyone loves her) and Cleo (reclusive geezer feline, who only tolerates dogs), who both sleep on my bed, have negotiated via a sophisticated, 14-point "live and let live" diplomatic policy stating that Lily does indeed have the right to exist (and occasionally be sniffed while she is sleeping)


Anonymous said...

It wasn't a threat. You owe me one phone call and two songs! (Unless you want to play double-or-nothin')

...I'm grateful that you don't know what a triple letter score is!

Martina said...

Dear Anonymous Scrabbler -

Someday I will beat you! Then it will be YOU singing "You are the champion!" I'm closing in! Yesterday you beat me by a jillion points, today by a mere million. Victory will be mine! Oh, yes, it will be mine!


Friend Wend said...

I am grateful to have reasons to get out of bed in the come up with a prompt for my friend, to answer the phone, my daily checkin by another friend, to feed the cats even though they pee on everything, to empty my bladder because I have enough water to drink.

Martina said...

Wendfriend - Sometimes it really is just the little things that make the day feel good! I'm glad the prompts are doing good things for you too! I really do appreciate them!