Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sychronious Occurences

So, I logged on today thinking about whether it would be a good idea to allow one free day a week in my project - a kind of day of rest. It doesn't necessarily mean no writing, just that if I choose to (and I'm not saying I will), I can take a break from posting or take the time to work on some other creative project. And what do I see but a comment reminding me of Paulo Coehlo's blog?

There are a number of reasons why I love Mr. Coehlo's work. The Alchemist is, as I've mentioned before, among my favorite books. Although it is technically prose, it is filled with poetry. I love that I find new things each time I read it and that it fell into my hands just when I most needed it. Moreover, it happened through a seemingly random series of occurences. The experience of that book is, for me, one of those reminders that things happen for a reason, that teachers come when students are ready, that every meeting has its purpose. If I hadn't gone on a one time lunch date with a guy I randomly met at a party in LA, I would not have made friends with the book nor would I have discovered one of my favorite authors. It is only because our meal was fraught with awkward silences that he even recommended the novel in his attempt to find something we might have in common. I'm telling you, it's almost like when Earl learns about karma from the Carson Daly Show!

And so at the encouragement of a kind reader, I wandered over to the Coehlo blog to read a bit while the back of my mind mulled over the question of breaks. And what did I find? This! I think it answers my question pretty nicely!

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