Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2008! Last year I did the experiment of doing a blog post every day for the month of January. In addition to being a little bit of a pain in the ass some days, it ultimately was a lot of fun, motivated me to start writing regularly, and taught me that my head would not explode if someone else read something of mine that was not perfect, which means that it accomplished most of the things it was meant to. I've since learned that there is a NaBloPoMo that takes place in November (probably to offer an alternative to people who aren't into participating in NaNoWriMo), but where's the fun in doing it when everyone else does? Ok, it probably is still fun, but I like having my maverick January event, especially since it can now legitimately carry the appellation of Powellhurst's Second Annual Blogstravaganza.

I guess by now you have realized that I am going to try it again. I may even try not to cheat this time! I'm still making up the rules, but perhaps I'll try to find some special assignments (poetry? writing exercises? let someone else pick my topic?) for myself just to mix it up a little and create more of a challenge for myself. It's just a fun way to start the new year and now that I have a new assistant to help with proofreading, I think it's going to be even better, so stay tuned!

[adorable photo of Lily reading the phone book to go here, once I've downloaded it from my camera]

p.s. If you would like to join me in my experiment, let me know and I will happily read along!


Sulia Grace said...

Happy New Year Martina. I have been remiss in reading your blog, so I'm catching up. Thank you for staying atuned to mine. Around this time last year we met for a writing group at my house...you were going to attend, but I don't recall if you made it...I think not, but I'm glad you resolved to write daily anyway. I am taking you on with the challenge and here is your first prompt for the new year: Into what community were you born? How were you received, and by whom? These questions in little of the new year, new births, the birth does not have to be your actual birth, it can be an epiphany into a new life, a calling, a community of faith, a family of choice. -Wendy

Jen said...

Happy New Year! I like the new color-scheme and am seriously contemplating joining you in your experiment.

Martina said...

Wendy: Happy New Year to you too! I didn't get to participate in the writing group. As I recall I ended up having to work instead. Great prompt! The holidays always make me think about family and community. I'll have to think about it a little more, then start writing. I think this will be fun!

Jen: It seemed a good time to redecorate. As for the other thing: DO IT! You know you want to. It's freeing, when you make it all about just writing something as opposed to worrying about what you write or whether it's good or not. A lot of the stuff I posted here last year was total crap, but actually ended up being the basis for something better thought out when I revisted it later on. You will enjoy it, and those times when you don't, you can send me cranky e-mails.