Saturday, January 19, 2008

After another insane week at work, I am yet again behind on my daily posting, but actually not that behind on my writing as I have found it somehow comforting to spend my lunches with a pen and pad, working on something (anything) that will take my mind away from the little fires of the workplace. As a result, I am feeling pretty good about my January project. My next step will be to actually compile a notebook of finished pieces. I am even thinking it might be fun to buy a boring 3-ring binder from an office supply sort, but then make it fabulous, personal and unique via some manner of collage, but that may be just a pipe dream as I still have better vision than follow through at this time in my life.

But on to other things:

Puppy Update
Lily is growing like a very furry weed. I cannot believe her monthaversary was last week. She has grown out of being a short-legged, roly-poly little thing and into a kind of gangly phase. Her ears now stand almost all the way up (though not completely, which makes me wonder if they ever will. If they don't, it's ok too, because I'm not one to put undue pressure on my children and just want my dog to be who she is, even if who she is is a little bat-eared shit that no puppy pen can hold. She has become emboldened enough to share her escape technique, which has allowed me to discover that she is what is known in the Canine Houdini Society as a climber.)

It is amazing to me how good it has also felt these nights when I come home late and exhausted from talking about money all day, to find my wiggly little girl waiting at the door for me with the others. I love dogs, mostly because they never accusingly ask me why their commission is not calculating correctly and they never ever tell their divisional vice presidents that they have never received a particular report from me, even though the truth is that I have run and sent it to them not once, but multiple times. In short, dogs are not asses. Anyway, the better I get to know her, the more I see why people have kept Lily's breed for so long (the above painting by Sofonisba Anguissola, 1532-1625, shows what appears to be some manner the continental toy spaniel/overstuffed sausage mix from which the papillon descends).

So, enough for now. My daily writing prompt awaits and something really must be done about my hair.

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