Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Life is not bad. Really, it isn't. Sure, work actually made me want to cry yesterday and it raised my blood pressure more than a few times, but life itself is not bad. It is just tiring. It happens just about every summer. That tends to be our busy period. Last night was, however, the first time in a long, long while that it drove me to send out resumes when I got home. Somehow that made me feel better. Even if I don't get any bites, it allows me to feel like I'm doing something to remedy the situation instead of just complaining (not that I don't do a lot of that too).

[The rest of this post has been edited away, because it was whiny and written out of frustration.]


Jen said...

It will get better because you're going to find a better job downtown!

It will also get better because these things always seem to come in waves (for me too). I'm sorry that it sucks so hard right now, but I'm glad you took the day off. Call me if you want to go get a beverage or something!

Martina said...

Thanks, man! If only I could have taken the day off! I totally would have joined you for beverages or something! I really need to schedule a day off when things quiet down. Today was better - not perfect, but better.

Anne said...

I read this post before you decided the whine was too much- and I have to tell you, I have been in that situation. I hope the kind frankness worked and that you are feeling better!

Martina said...

Hey Anne - I am feeling better, but I think it's mostly because my boss is out of town. Oddly enough, even with more work, it was less stressful, because I could just hunker down and manage my workload without her nervous micromanaging to distract me. I think the others appreciate it too. Whenever she is gone, we manage to get ahead on our work, despite my more relaxed management style.