Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm so tired

Have you ever had one of those nights when a new nightmare is ushered in every time you fall back asleep? Last night I had not one, but three nightmares that I can remember. The first involved people trying to force me to wait on and do indelicate things for them and the second a crowd of people trying to force their way into my house for a party that wasn't going to happen. With some effort, I managed to push the door shut on them, but there were two men already inside the house. They refused to leave, opting instead to try to rape me. At first I was afraid, but then it made me really angry that someone would have the nerve to come into my house and try such a thing. So instead of cowering I firmly kneed each one in the grenoids before throwing him against a wall so hard that his heads left cracks in it. Very empowering. Apparently, I am much stronger than I look.

As disturbing as dreams one and two should have been, it was the third time I fell asleep that was most vivid and frightening. It was one of my classic house dreams. I came home to find that some items had been subtley rearranged in one of the many spare rooms in my giant dream home and thereby knew that someone had been inside and was probably still lurking around somewhere. It was close to nightfall, so I decided that it would be best to take the dogs and go away somewhere safe to camp in the car for the night. Somehow we never made it.

Instead, some other friends came over. One (who does not exist in real life) was a police officer or detective of some sort. He offered to investigate. While he was doing that, I went into one of the spare bedrooms (not my own - I was afraid to go in there) and happened to see a shadowy figure going up a spiral staircase. Frightened and shaking, I ran back to where everyone else was. Via a lot of pointing and stammering, I was finally able to convey what I had seen. Our friend set off to investigate while I waited in the kitchen with my mother, who (in that way of dreams) had suddenly appeared as thought she'd been there the whole time. As we were standing there, a dishpan full of water began to levitate. I again found myself unable to speak and could only point at it.

A woman materialized. She was pale and beautiful with the most hateful black eyes I have ever seen. She grabbed two sets of spear ended tongs from the basin, preparing to throw them at us. Time moved in slow motion. We went around a corner. Somehow when she threw the tong, they did too - like they were following us, instead of being thrown at us. Yet in spite of that, they somehow missed, landing in the eye sockets of two other women who were milling about the house. I pulled my mother and we ran with this hostile entity after us.

We made it out of the house, and I remember thinking "we'll be safe now, it's the house she's haunting," but we weren't. She kept coming after us (this time with a tray filled with pastries with a lot of pink icing...I know, I know. Pastries, so scary, but it was a nightmare, so they were probably cursed or possessed or something). Suddenly, I stopped to face her. Her pretty face contorted into a nasty smile that faded when I decided the best way to get rid of her would be to chant Hail Mary's at her. This enraged her, replacing her previous demeanor of a cat playing with a mouse with genuine anger. I remember thinking that it must make her afraid when people fight back instead of running, that she wasn't as strong as I had first thought. But I have no idea whether I would have saved us, because at the moment of that revelation, my morning alarm began to go off.

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