Friday, March 01, 2013

Shoema Lives

The little black dog in the foreground is Gizmo. Like his brother Teddy below, he is just over a year old. The fun thing about having two dogs just barely past puppyhood in the house is that they get up to all sorts of hilarious mischief. Sometimes it seems like they see me less as a human owner than as "that weird looking hairless puppy we play with".

They romp, they roughhouse, they cuddle, they shower their friends (dog, cat, human alike) with sweet kisses. They approach life with a sweet exuberance. And sometimes they steal things. Yesterday, I made the mistake of leaving Gizmo and my favorite shoes locked in a room together with no supervision. Apparently they were his favorite shoes too. While I liked them because they were comfortable (like walking on pillows) without looking matronly or like I should be washing down a granola bar with a glass of hemp milk, he liked them because they were delicious and smelled like feet.
Instead of getting mad (well, not for long, anyway), I decided to celebrate by my advance on old age by using my DSW birthday coupon to treat myself to some new maryjanes and a pair of Keen sandals now. Since the maryjanes are the exact kind and color as the eaten ones (I loved them that much!), I decided to do something new and pick some sandals outside of my usual color palette. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut. I know they are just shoes, but sometimes one small choice can open our mind to other new choices too. There is so much more to life than brands or material possessions, but sometimes getting new stuff just feels good. Sometimes new, whether it's shoes, puppies, experiences or attitudes, just feels good.
And in other old new shoe news, here is a video of Paolo Nutini's New Shoes:



Jen said...

Hooray for puppies (one year old!) and new shoes.

Martina said...

They are good boys, just a little rambunctious still. That time of their lives is so short.