Tuesday, January 01, 2013


Tomorrow begins phase one of the health portion of my 2013 goals: DETOXIFICATION!
Typing that word feels ominous. In my mind, "detox" evokes pictures of Christmas Eve in the drunk tank followed by a mandatory visit to a substance abuse treatment center. I don't know why. I have never taken drugs, I drink about once a year. It's not like I'm Lindsay Lohan. If I'm going to abuse something, it's much more likely to be food than any kind of mind altering substance.
But, in reality, some of the stuff we put in our bodies is toxic, just deliciously so. The crazy thing is that sometimes it's really more habitual than it is delicious. Take diet coke, for example. When you drink it all the time, you don't notice the chemically taste, but try drinking water for a while and then going back to it. It tastes odd and unhealthy.
So, here's to detoxifying. It's only a three day program and I can do anything for three days! I figure it will make a nice jumpstart for the diet I am starting in hopes of losing 20 lbs by spring. I will probably write more about it here than I will here, but I'm sure it will come up. For now, all I know is that it feels good to have an actual plan to start tomorrow. My fruits and veggies for tomorrow are all cut up and read to dump in the blender. Wish me luck! 


Jen said...

2 things I like about that cleanse: 1) only 3 days 2) everything is easily sourced - no special "three strands of saffron harvested from the side of Elf Mountain in the spring" ingredients. Can't wait to hear how it goes! Wishing you an easy time of it!

Martina said...

Thanks! And I agree about Elf Mountain!