Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Let there be juice!

At the close of my first day of detoxification, I am feeling like much less of a dirty bird. It's funny how little it takes to to feel better. A person can feel so much lighter just by consuming fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking a ton of water. So far (except for all the water making me feel like I have to pee every 5 minutes), it's really not been difficult.

One thing I would definitely recommend in doing something like this is to portion out the servings the night before. I put all the ingredients for each smoothie into a ziploc bag before I went to bed last night. That way all I had to do was grab the bag out of the fridge and dump it in the blender. I suspect if I hadn't made it so easy on myself, I probably would have been tempted at some point in the day to go off plan and eat pizza or a donut or something. I think the dogs secretly wish I would. Every time I open the refrigerator door, they get all wiggly and excited only to look dejected a moment later when they see it's just another one of those "stupid bags" (as I am sure they are calling them in their heads as they narrow their eyes at me in disgust).

The fruit and vegetable smoothies really don't taste bad. I could even see myself incorporating more of that sort of thing into my regular non-cleanse life. I am notoriously bad about eating breakfast, but think I could probably sip down a smoothie on a regular bases. Of the three, the breakfast one is definitely my favorite. I think I would have liked the blueberry one with a little less cayenne pepper, but I also suspect I must have made an error in measuring as it was REALLY hot. Contrary to one of the comments on the site where I found the cleanse, the green lunch smoothie was not at all bad. From the way the woman worded it, you'd think it was made of mud, sewer water and toe jam. In reality, it tasted fresh and certainly not like something I couldn't bear to drink three times. So, in addition to feeling good about myself for doing something for my health, I am victorious in the green smoothie wars. Whereas the commentor couldn't "choke hers down" (melodramatic much, lady?), I drank all mine and am going to drink another tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

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