Tuesday, January 06, 2009

So wie man in den Wald herein ruft, so schallt es auch heraus

My new favorite saying is a German one that translates as "Whatsoever you call into the forest will also echo back to you." It's so true, isn't it? What you put into the world really does come back to you.

Yesterday was the first day of my new job. Even though I've worked for this company for a number of years now and know my new boss fairly well, I found myself feeling just a bit nervous as the date of my triumphant return to work approached. The night before, was sleepless, plagued by the weird, creepy dreams my mind always cooks up when I'm stressed. And then I got to work and everything was wonderful. Having built up a cache of good will long before I ever had an inkling that I would ever be working under my new boss, everything went smoothly. I've sometimes wondered why it is that I feel compelled to work so hard at a job that really is just a job to me. Whatever the reason, it is paying off and I really am grateful to the individuals whose influence there helped me to progress. For the first time in ages I find myself feeling excited by the work related possibilities to come, which reminds me of how important it is to feel challenged and at the same time acknowledged for my competence at work. It also reminds me how silly it is to get worked up about new things instead of just enjoying them!

P.s. Speaking of things to enjoy, I am reading Jack Finney's Time and Again right now and highly recommend it!

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