Thursday, January 15, 2009

Random things...

Because I am feeling uninspired and not at all like writing, I've stolen a meme from a friend's Facebook page: Once you are tagged, write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about yourself.

1. I would really like to get a tattoo but am hindered by my own indecisiveness, because what if I pick the wrong thing and have to live with it FOREVER (in my world of forevers and absolutes, there is no room for you and your new fangled and expensive, painful laser removal procedures). I think, however, that I may have finally hit upon and idea. Now where to put it...

2. My favorite of Vivaldi's Four Seaons is Winter

3. I believe that onions are the Devil's condiment. They give you bad breath and they make people cry. Clearly they are evil.

4. My most prized possessions are a 220 year old theology book and the violin my father had made for me my 14th birthday (it is almost as old).

5. I hardly ever catch on to t.v. shows when they are hip. Somehow I always manage to discover them about four years after they go off the air.

6. My professional life has taken a turn for the better of late. I have a new job, a new boss, and will soon have a new title and raise. I am also involved with a small press during my off hours and am hoping that one day it will do well enough to be my job.

7. When I was in first grade, I wrote and illustrated a story (The Girl Who Wanted a Garden) that was almost included in an anthology of stories written by children. I think my mom still has a copy of it. The Girl Who Wanted a Garden was, however, not the best story I wrote as a kid. That would have to go to either Mrs. Schlugheimer Learns to Drive (about a nearsighted grandmother with a lead foot who is in no shape to drive, but still decides to get a driver's license) or The Magic Chamber Pot (a fairy tale about a chamber pot the plays The Blue Danube and grants wishes to those who sit on it).

8. I had a HUGE kiddie crush on Jim Rockford (aka James Garner) in the 70's.

9. I am not exactly sure what my real hair color looks like at this point, but my hairdresser tells me it is dark blonde.

10. If I have to sing alone in public, sometimes I get so nervous that my throat tightens up and I can barely emit a squeak.

11. I am not crafty unless it is for nefarious and/or "special" purposes (like the angel placecards I made for Christmas dinner, where each of the angels bore my likeness).

12. Even though I really love my city and can't imagine not coming back to it, this last stint in Portland is the longest I have lived anywhere as an adult. Sometimes it feels strange to me and I start feeling restless for someplace new.

13. I speak three languages and would like to learn more.

14. It has been three weeks since I have drank any caffeinated beverages or consumed any artificial sweeteners.

15. If I won and obscene amount of money in the lottery, I would quit my job and spend my days volunteering for a cause that was meaningful to me.

16. I think it is extremely important to become involved in things greater than ourselves and find myself feeling impatient with people who are too apathetic to get involved, probably because I sometimes feel (despite the volunteering I already do) that I do not do enough.

17. My favorite birds are peacocks and my favorite peacock memory is when Kevin and I were having a picnic at Maryhill and one of the peacocks kept sticking his head in our cooler to steal grapes.

18. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to hang glide, but my fear of becoming a splat on the earth's surface is greater than my desire to fly.

19. I have no sense of smell.

20. I write left handed, but use scissors, cut my food, throw and bat right handed. I can, however, play tennis either way.

21. The first song I ever composed was a waltz.

22. My cat, Loki, hails from a freeway off ramp near Chehalis. He is Jen's birthday buddy, because I found him on my way from Seattle to her birthday party.

23. I can hide it ok when forced, but I am introverted and feel uncomfortable in large groups where I don't now anyone.

24. I rarely ask others for help, even when I could use it.

25. People who don't know me well seriously have no idea of how silly I can be.

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Chris said...

As usual, you make me want to chat about almost all of your 25 points, but I won't impose myself to that extent. I'll stop at the first, passing on something I heard recently on a radio programme about tattoos.

The main regret that people had about having had a tattoo was that their first one was too small or in some way not bold enough. Your indecision could lead you to be too tentative in your choice and, according to the experts, you will regret it later, ie. for ever.

You may know my views on tattoos, which is that I don't like them, so please don't take the above information as any encouragement.