Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Things That Made Today Good

1. Sam Cooke
2. Neighbor-manicurists who make house calls
3. Knowing I have a hair appointment tomorrow
4. Fresh tomatoes
5. Baxter
6. Completion of big, heinous work project
7. Approval to leave work early (with pay!) on Friday as a thank you for completing big, heinous work project
8. Free pizza for lunch
9. Allergy eye drops
10. My two year old friend Antonio, who is the cutest boy EVER
11. Rilke's Duineser Elegien
12. The sun
13. It's only two days until the weekend!


Jen said...

that is an awesome list!

1. definitely agreed
2. I wish I had this problem. Instead I have a gossipy hairdresser man with a woman's name who insists on calling me Jan.
3. Woo! What are you going to get done?
4. Amen
5. Aww
6. Hooray!
7. Hooray!
8. Hooray!
9. Boo to allergies, but hooray for eyedrops!
10. Awww
11. !!! This is so funny because just today I pulled a facing page translation of this for someone at the library AND a friend was telling me about it recently. (I have yet to read it, but I have put it on hold. Can you recommend a good translation?)
12. Hell yes!
13. Wooo!

Anne said...

The other day I thought how nice it would be to host a blog site that had only posts like this- Great minds think alike even from across the country!

Martina said...

Dear JAN -

2. Why didn't you tell me, I can't believe I've spent XX years calling you Jen) - Did you change hairdressers?

3. Very dark purply with blonde

11. What friend would give you a gift like that, I wonder? Translations...hmmm I'm not sure. I have only read him in German. I translated my favorite part of the Elegies myself a while back, because I couldn't find a translation I liked, but that's only a small portion. I'll do some checking. Anne might know, because she was the saucy young firebrand in the German department back in the day.

Dear ANNE -

You should totally do it! Lists are satisfying, yet low commitment. Do you know of a good Rilke translator?