Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Ironically, within an hour or two of my last post trying to find the good in the day, I had an interaction that confused some already jumbled feelings. I'm having a hard time and it seems like all of the posts I start turn a little too revealing, so I am taking a little vacation. This way I can work things out in the privacy of my mind rather than using long, rambling posts that will interest no one but me. This way you can still wonder if I'm crazy rather than having it incontrovertibly confirmed for you. This way everybody wins. Sorta.


Anne said...

I hope you come back soon! Don't make me contact you by e-mail or something :) And not only that, but when I click on "Next Blog" because you are taking a break, wow, there are some things I never expected to see. Hope all is well or on its way there-

Martina said...

Thanks, Anne. Contact me by e-mail???? That's pretty drastic! I just realized I think I owe you an e-mail from a few weeks ago. Sorry about that. I think my break is coming to an end. While I'm still disappointed, I have developed some perspective and less crazy. Apparently my thinking break was worthwhile.