Monday, June 18, 2007

A rose by any other name...

What a nice, busy weekend it was here in Powellhurst! I woke up Saturday morning to find that I had lost eight pounds since the last time I weighed myself, then got ready to visit the mechanic to finally get that transmission flush I've been putting off. And, boy, is it a good thing I did! When they did the courtesy inspection, they found that I had not one but TWO tires with nails in them. One was repairable, but the other actually had an area where the nail was beginning to pierce the side wall of the tire and could not be saved. Luckily, I just bought new tires last summer and they were still under the protection plan, so it only cost me $25 for a new one. Even more fortuitously, the problem was discovered at a time that was not during the 22 mile commute to work or on a dark and lonely night or during the outing we had planned for later in the afternoon.

While the car was had its spa treatment, my maternal cohort and I went for a walk across the street and did some shopping, which fortuitously ended new "YAY! I lost 8 pounds walking"-shoes for me (and also some stuff for her, since Saturday was also Mother's Day, Observed for Powellhurst's Queen Mother). We really did make a nice day of it.

Once the car was done, we headed South to Moe's in Wilsonville for lunch. Fortified for our outing, we made our way to our real destination: the Heirloom Rose Gardens in St. Paul. For those of you who are in the Portland area, enjoy roses and have never been there, I cannot emphasize enough what a great place it is. It is a gorgeous and worth a visit, even if you have no intention of buying anything. It is also close to Champoeg Park, which is a perfect place to stop for a picnic, if you're not inclind toward stopping for a Close Talker salad at Moe's (but you should do that too - they really are good!).

Like my favorite place on Sauvie Island (Blue Heron Herbary), the gardens are a wonderful, peaceful place to wander around and they boast a knowledgable staff. In additon to an abundance of roses, the garden also has a really lovely meditation area that is perfect for, well, mediating or even just listening to the song of the birds and is appropriately located on the outer edge of their Peace Garden.

Anyway, as a result of our trip, my mom now has her Mother's Day presents of two new shrubs - a Burgundy Iceberg and a Bloomfield Abundance, which is going to look so much pretty than the bamboo we had contemplated planting on the back fence. I think they will be good additions to the garden, which looking beautiful right now, if I do say so myself. If can I remember, I will have to post some pictures.
And so, Mother's Day gifting accomplished, I am now alleviated of the guilt of being a bad daughter. Now I just have to figure out what to do for her birthday in August and we'll be golden until Christmas!

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