Monday, June 11, 2007

A new week, a new me

The week seems to have begun pretty well in this corner of the world. Monday finds me doing well on my campaign to stamp out refined sugar and flour and to try to make better food choices in general. My depression of last summer and fall did not exactly result in healthful eating. As it turns out "Screw it, what does it matter anyway?" is not an effective nutritional philosophy. Who knew?

But that was yesterday. Today I am a girl who ate multiple vegetables and consumed no refined sugar or processed foods whatsoever. Today I am a rockstar. Because I am a rockstar who needs a carrot and good health is apparently not reward enough on its own, I have deemed it so that if I can faithfully stick with my plan until my mom's birthday (August 13), I will get a special prize to be determined by me. I wonder what I will buy myself? I hope it's nice. Maybe I should drop some hints, just to be sure.

Beyond that, today was also the day that I decided while I was talking to my friend M., who has been forced to go work in Hawaii for a couple weeks that I am woefully deficient in having visited the islands (also the Southern and Eastern parts of the US, but Hawaii is the particularly sad part). I feel this is something that needs to be remedied as soon as I am willing be seen in public in shorts. It could take a while. Perhaps that will be the grand prize.

For now, however, I am tired and therefore going to go to bed and read my way a little closer to completing The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, installment one of the "classics I should have read by now, but haven't" catch up list. Only a jillion more to go...

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Leslita said...

A good book to check out of the library (or buy yourself as an early reward!) might be Super Natural Cooking by Heidi Swanson. She really focuses in this book on how to incorporate healthier and more sustainable starches and sweetners into your diet and her recipes are SO awesome looking. I have like 20 of them bookmarked and now someone else has it on hold! Bah! The recipes are like being good to yourself without that nagging feeling of deprivation-type-stuff.

And I'm super jealous of how red and tidy your travel map is!

Martina said...

Oooh good suggestion! I will have to take a look at it. I'm trying to be really strict now while I wean myself off, but I like the idea of looking into something that IS more sustainable, because I know I can't maintain the hardcore crackdown forever.

It is only my US travel map that is tidy, my int'l one is kind of sad - just a big old glob of Western Europe with a little Western Canada thrown in. Yours is much more impressive. I think I should be pretty close to my goal for paying off my bills somewhere between early and mid-2008, and then I will be able start working more seriously on filling in the map (and getting a passport that isn't expired...I've been putting it off, since I couldn't really afford to go anywhere anyway).

Leslita said...

Yeah, I did the Total Crackdown on those two things for a really long time - and have only recently started warming up to whole grains and agave nectar. Sometimes it definitely has to be all or nothing if you want a major change to really take.
And hooray for future travel plans! 2008 is not very far away at all!

Martina said...

Sometimes it's just easier to totally give something up rather than trying to ration. After almost a week, I'm actually to the point now where I've stopped craving it. I do at this moment have a headache, but that has more to do with not having eaten anything all day and it being 2:30 p.m. than it does with sugar/starch consumption. So far, though, I'm really happy with my new arrangement. I'm pretty shocked at how well I'm losing weight jsut by cutting out the starches and going for walks in the evening. Hopefully, I can maintain it!