Thursday, June 07, 2007

Five Good Things

1. Best Baguette on 82nd and Division - The only place I know of where you can get a foot long sandwich on fresh, crisp French bread for as little as $2.25. My favorite so far is the grilled pork marinated in lemongrass-soy dressing, served with pickled carot and daikon, jalapeno, cilantro, mayonnaise and soy sauce.

2. Sabrina Ward Harrison's book Spilling Open: The Art of Becoming Yourself - A combination personal/art journal filled with all the things we worry about when we're 18-21 (and later in life). Harrison's journal offers a voyeuristic look into the sorts of anxieties we all thing are unique to us when we are young, reminding that doubts, fears, days of shaky self-esteem are just a part of the human condition. The only difference with this girl (who somehow manages to seem both innocent and wise beyond her years) is that she managed to turn her angst into art. It's an inspiring read for anyone who journals or is drawn toward creative expression.

3. LIFE A Journey Through Time - A collaborative project featuring Frans Lanting's gorgeous nature photography, LIFE A Journey Through Time offers a visual history of life on earth.

4. Kris Waldherr's collection of famous love stories at her Museum of Love website. The website also allows you to tour her virtual museum and get free online tarot readings from her Lover's Path deck.

5. All you ever wanted to know about 15th century headgear, complete with instructions for making your own, because you never know when you might need a butterfly henin.


Jen said...

Yay! I'm glad you liked the Sabrina Ward Harrison -- I checked out another one of her books (actually the one that drew me into her work at all) called... well, I can't remember the exact title and but it was something to do with Living Your Messy Life -- I liked the first one (spilling open) SO MUCH BETTER. I know she's got a few of them out now, but I think maybe the first one (done before she was doing them to make into books to be published) is the best one. The later one I read seemed much less open -- which is totally legitimate, of course -- some things are more private, but I missed the open honest tone of the first one.

anyway, they make me want to do 7' collages!

Martina said...

I did like it! It has these universal insecurities that everyone somehow manages to think are unique to them when they are young (and that people hold onto well into adulthood - but hopefully by then we are mature enough to get that we are not the only ones who suffer from the pain of uncertainty).