Sunday, May 11, 2008

Stimulate this!

How much fun is this site? I totally stole the link from my friend MQ's blog and am in love with the idea of being able to pull together outfits from multiple sources (and do it against an eye pleasing, custom background!). It makes me want to go shopping in a really bad way. Just think! My pimple and I could finally get matching outfits for the Vegas style show we've been planning! Just wait til you see our killer diller version of Nowadays!

Actually, I am happy to report that it is (thanks to the skin restoring properties of attacking theater people) almost gone. The cookie part of my therapy, sadly, was less of a success. They were proclaimed gacktacular before they even cooled, which is really sad, because I had had such high hopes for them. As everyone knows, even warm, crappy chocolate chip cookies are usually better than no chocolate chip cookies at all. These weren't. They were hard and the dough was bland.

But who am I to talk? Maybe the joke is on me and I've just outed myself as a total cookie philistine. Maybe they were supposed to taste like cranberry and chocolate filled bricks. I double checked afterwards to be sure I hadn't goobered anything up with the recipe, but I had followed it faithfully, so I am not sure what happened.

On the up side, if could design a special cookie gun, I am already in possession of 2 dozen pieces of deadly ammo. And that brings me one step closer to being able to join the military as a member of highly skilled Special Pastry Forces. You may have seen them on t.v. that time Geraldo became an embedded journalist with ground forces in Iraq. They were the ones prancing about the desert, wearing camo chef's hats while he was drawing his battle plan leaking map in the sand. Also, the Penne with Shrimp, Cream and Tomatoes that I got out of the same cookbook was incredible enough that I am comfortable believing that my cookie issues were the product of baker error or bad baking powder. I'm sure a little retail therapy could make me forget the whole incident.

Too bad I already stimulated the economy by using my rebate check to buy gas, groceries, make a car insurance payment and pay off a bill. I did also make a deposit on some beachy hotel reservations for an upcoming trip in June, but mostly I just applied it to cost of living type stuff. If I am feeling really wild next weekend, I may use the remainder to get a transmission flush and new tags for Agamemnon (my Matrix). Guess the new outfits will have to wait...

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