Monday, October 01, 2007

Hi ho hi ho

Have you ever had a really nice week off, then Monday rolled around and it was time to go to work and you really did not want to go? Me neither, but in case you have, here is a Monday morning pep talk list of reasons why it's really not so bad (right?):

1. Working for the man allows you to buy fabulous new shoes (just look at it up there - is it not adorable?)
2. It's only five days until the weekend.
3. Less chance of crazypants coworker looting your desk in search of red stapler when you are sitting at it.
4. It is now October, which means that you will soon be able to decorate the front porch with Halloween bat lights (that one really doesn't have so much to do with work, but I really do love Halloween and am excited about my bats).
5. Because you've hoarded most of your time off until the end of the year, there are only 32 days until your next vacation day AND after that you have a week off in both November and December.
6. It's only a 7.5 hour work day and there will be plenty of interesting things to do after it is over!


Jen said...

ooh -- those are some powerfully cute shoes. where'd you get them?

Martina said...

I know! Via one of our sister companies (a shopping network - I KNOW, freaky, huh? Who would have thought they'd have cute shoes????) I get some incredible employee discounts with them! I would never have even thought to look there if the prospect of 40-60% off hadn't enticed me so much!