Saturday, May 26, 2007

Some things...

Here it is the middle of the night and I cannot sleep, because Toby is still not eating or feeling well and I am worried. He is the best dog ever, which makes it really difficult when he looks at you with his big, sad brown eyes as though he has all the faith in the world that you, his person, can make it all better. So, I will occupy myself with some website recommendations I've been meaning to share for a while now:

1. A fun site boasting "more Gods than you can shake a stick at" (a description I find it impossible not to love!), Godchecker offers information on more than 3,000 Gods, Goddesses, Spirits, Demons and Saints, allowing you to browse by Pantheon. It also features a Diety of the Day, a Holy Hit Parade and an Oracle that offers helpful relationship advice like "Your best interests are of great Godly concern. But they work in very mysterious ways."

2. A compendium of all you ever wanted to know about Victorian London, The Victorian Dictionary is run by author and librarian, Lee Jackson. I first came across Jackson's site after a visit to Flavel House here in Oregon. The visit inspired thoughts about the Victorian ghost story and the inevitable idea of writing a spooky novel for NaNoWriMo, which in turn inspired me to explore a bit of Victoriana as part of my research. The novel is pretty much completely outlined, but (as yet) remains unfinished. If I spent more time writing and less time farting around, I would probably be a bit further. On the other hand, if I did that, I might never have learned this from The Lady's Dressing Room, by Baroness Staffe, trans. Lady Colin Campbell, 1893 - Part II (cont.) :

If your hands are rather fat, do not wear tight sleeves. The pressure and discomfort to the arm will only make the hand swell. A tight cuff is as unsuitable to a large hand as a low heel is to a large foot. If your fingers are square or wide at the ends, you may narrow them a little by pinching and squeezing the tips. Needless to say, you will not obtain the taper fingers you desire all at once, but in time you will become aware of a notable and pleasant change.

3. My absolute favorites horoscopes ever are written by Rob Brezsny at Freewill Astrology and I absolutely LOVE Rob's healing Prayer for You for its enthusiastic use of adjectives. A prayer that is vibrant and bursting with life, it makes me feel good every time I read it. I can also highly recommend his book Pronoia, which is based on the idea that:

Pronoia is the antidote for paranoia. It’s the understanding that the universe is fundamentally friendly. It’s a mode of training your senses and intellect so you’re able to perceive the fact that life always gives you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

It also has a lot of great ideas that can be turned into writing exerices, which will be one of my projects when I have finished picking and choosing my way through the book on paganism from whose exercise questions I am currently picking and choosing as writing prompts.

4. I first became aware of Christina Miller when a friend (you know wh you are!) gave me a wood collage of her Bellini Madonna for Christmas one year. Since then, I like to visit her Iconfusion gallery to look for new additions. On my particularly covetous days, I find myself wanting them all (at the moment Coronation of the Virgin and Our Lady of the Columbia in particular).

And with that, sleepiness has finally come my way, so I am off to bed. There are more links where those came from, but those should be enough to get you started, denizens of the internets.

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