Saturday, March 17, 2007

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!

Today Powellhurst is kicking it stream of consciousness "dear diary" personal journal (but not TOO personal, because that's what personal journals are for) style, since I don't have anything cohesive to post about, but haven't posted for a bit. Since I have fallen woefully short of January's writing something every day (do I have to get tough with myself again and make it a rule? I'm starting to think I'm not very trustworthy and need the structure of a post curfew...), it is clearly again time for a post.:

Let me begin by saying: HUZZAH! Spring vacation has officially begun! Just between you and me (you won't tell anyone, will you?), I've been a bit preoccupied with the waiting for test results (per recently rediscovered accidentally lost postcard from the doctor's office they came back NORMAL! I am so happy about said result that I can't even bring myself to be annoyed at the misplacer of said card, because I am too busy doing Numfar's patented dance of joy. Take that, abnormal cells of indeterminate significance! You're not so tough now, are you?), trying to keep clear of the internal politics of the peace movement (in the words of Rodney King "Why can't we all just get along?" [ego, that's why!]) by being far less involved in the official rally planning activities than I became last year, and (apparently unsuccessfully) trying to wean myself of an unnatural love for the parenthetical aside.

This week also brought the completion of my February collage (I'm a little behind, but in my defense, February did turn out very soft and sparkly [like stardust!] and I do at least have a concept for March along with some free time on my hands this next week), a new spring mix for my car, and a very sweet birthday party at work (even though it was not yet my birthday, like a dead President I have birthday and birthday, observed) that included almond rocha cake (so good!), lunch (Red Robin Bleu Ribbon Burger, how I love you despite your insistence on fraternizing with the onion straw, which itself even turns inexplicably good under the care of your roqueforty love), presents (a springy bouquet of daffodils, a miniature Zen garden, a pretty candle and holder specifically purchased for use on warm evenings spent on the back deck, and a gift certificate for a German restaurant in Multnomah Village), and a brightly decorated work area, all of which just contributed to what I hope is the longest sentence I have ever written. That is, I must say, the extent of the actual celebratory goings on at this point as I haven't found myself wildly interested in planning anything (but that may have been medical dread induced...Now that I have been distracted from planning my funeral, perhaps I can be bothered to celebrate the next year...perhpas).

What I have had time to think about are some fun short trips during my vacation. So far Seattle, the beach, and Pendleton are all on the list, but that is totally subject to change, because the coming week will be a time of following whims and perhaps even ill advised schemes. All I know for certain is that I am going to the peace rally in the South Park Blocks tomorrow and that there will be travelling and painting involved in my week. So, that is all for now, for I must away to the library before some other nerd gets all the good books.


Jen said...

Hooray!! I'm so happy to hear you got the good news!!

I also like your february collage.

Hooray (again)!!

Martina said...

Thanks, man! It is indeed a relief. My mom is so cute. She framed February for me, which is kind of funny, considering I almost went to Michael's at lunch, thinking I was going to buy a frame for it and put it away to give to her for Mother's Day.

Chris said...

Never mind dead presidents, the Queen has an official birthday as well as an actual one. As royalty, Your Highness, you must have at least two.

Great news about the other thing.

Martina said...

Thanks, Chris! Now that I'm not worried about the other thing, I'm much more in the spirit. More later. I'm off to Seattle to visit Pike Street Market and EMP.