Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Happy Birthday Month!

Arches 10
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Happy birthday month to me!
Happy birthday month to me!
Happy birthday month to meeeeeeee!
Happy birthday month to me!

Last year on my birthday I was in Arches National Park. Sadly, this year won't feature anything I've always wanted to do as much as visiting the Southwest. This makes me sad, because it will be the first year since I turned 30 that I have not embarked on a birthday week trip. It also means that my resolution to be visiting someplace or doing something new every year on my birthday will be broken. I already have part of my actual birthday planned, so I will have to work on adding something I've never done before. I'll find something fun, though, AND I have a week of time off coming up in May. Surely I will make up for that lack of birthday travel then.


monquee said...

Sing it loud, Sing it Proud!
Let the Birthday Month Festivities Commence!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday month!!! I know it sucks to not be doing something fantastic on the very day of your birthday, but it doesn't have to be a 'breaking resolutions' type thing. It can be a 'making adjustments, yet I am still fabulous' type-thing.

Also happy St. David's Day! I learned that we should all be wearing leeks in our hats to celebrate Welsh something or another.

Martina said...

Bec: It caught me a bit by surprise this morning that birthday month is indeed upon me! You guys have to help me start thinking of fun things to do!

Jen: Thanks for the birthday month wishes! It's not so much that I don't have anything planned. I think there are a couple of political events scheduled for birthday weekend (I doubt I'll attend them all, but I know there are one or two Citizen R was also interested in). It's more that I am disappointed that I have to break my semi-new birthday month tradition, which was really becoming my favorite part of having a birthday. I like the idea of being in a new place or at least doing something new for the start of the new year. It makes life feel less stagnant. Anyway, it's not a huge deal, I will take a trip a little later in the year when I can better afford it.

Jen said...

Here's something that could be fun - that Pre-Raphaelite exhibit I was telling you. It's from Delaware, not Nebraska. I don't know why I got those two confused, but for some reason I did. It looks like a good show!

Jen said...

Well, damn. That link isn't working! If you go here and click on "upcoming exhibitions" the info is there.

Martina said...

Oh! I want to go! I love me some Pre-Raphaelites! I took the 21st off work, maybe that would be a good activity for that day or some other portion of birthday weekend. Birthday weekend so far includes:

1) Getting my eyes checked (and looking into contacts)
2) Going to a demonstration
3) Going to a memorial service/demonstration
4) Pre-Raphaelites
5) Some as yet undetermined birthday celebration, which may just end up being going out for dinner. I don't know. Advancing on geezerhood has made me kind of unmotivated to plan any actual birthday specific celebratory event

As for birthday month, this weekend we went to the beach. I'm not sure what will happen next, although I'm determined to do something fun.