Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Geezer's Lament

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It could be said that I was a bit ambivalent about reaching the ripe age of plenty-nine. It's not that I am particularly age obsessed (though I am sometimes shocked when I realize for just a moment that I am over 27 or that someone born in the 80's could be of legal drinking age). I just had a hard time getting too excited over my birthday this year. Anyone who knows me can attest to this being unusual. I am, after all, the girl who wanted a shrine, so people would have a place to leave offerings of cool gifts for me. I even declared herself Shoema, Goddess of Footwear to encourage this, but so far it hasn't really panned out.

Despite this, I have had a really interesting birthday month and it's not even over. I've taken a trip to the beach, bought new clothes for the first time in what feels like eons (but is actually only a number of months), gone to an anti-war demonstration, a memorial service, and gotten some really cool gifts (albeit not at my shrine).

Part of birthday malaise was, I think, direclty related to fearing I would end up having to break my tradition of doing something new each year on my birthday. As it turns out, I did a lot of new things on March 20. I received a gift wrapped box of rocks. I carried a cardboard tombstone bearing the name of Analaura Esparza Guitierrez, a 21 year old soldier who was killed in Iraq, to an Arlington NW memorial in the park blocks. I ate (and still dream of) the most incredible frosting ever - frosting that had had an ice bath - and decided that if all foods taste this good after a cool dip, I will never again eat anything that hasn't first been immersed in ice. I'm not sure how realistic this plan is, but I stand by my proclamation, at least until I've changed my mind or have a craving for something that needs to be served hot. Meanwhile, frosting and chocolate chip mint ice cream it is!


Jen said...

I am so glad you liked the cupcakes! That frosting was something else, but I am surprised Bec didn't sprain her wrist on it - that's love, man! Birthdays are weird. They are so loaded- on the one hand a wonderful celebration of YOU (universal you) and all your wonderfulness, on the other hand, another reminder of another year and all the things still not done. bleh. But for the most part, I am in favor of them!

I would have commented sooner, but these new entries just showed up for me! I guess I need to make sure I refresh the page every time I visit.

Martina said...

Are you kidding? I LOVED the cupcakes. If this country didn't have such messed up laws regarding the union of pastry and wife, I would totally marry the cupcakes! Seriously, even though they were delicious, what I loved most about them is that you guys took the time to make something so complicated sounding for me.

I have to say I am still mostly in favor of birthdays as well. Their only down side is, as you pointed out, that they tend to start to become a glaring reminder of all the things we haven't done yet. I suppose even that has a good side, though, because it means we still have a lot to do. That has to be better than feeling like there's not really any point, because there's nothing for which to strive. Then again, I've always been a fan of Romanticism's concept of the blue flower for just that reason. :-)