Friday, March 28, 2008

Cold Front

January 08 038
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Hoard gas, stock your larders and break out your skis! Portland is having a spring snow storm! In the early morning hours, an arctic cold front sidled into PDX, blanketing some areas of the East side (that's right, it's not all about you West Hills!) with as much as .25” of slushy snow as temperatures plummeted as low as the upper 30’s. Judging by the local news geek spin on the morning weather, you’d have thought we were on the verge of another ice age. I love my city, but when it comes to weather, we really area bunch of drama queens.

On the other hand, there was something really lovely about the contrast between the snowflakes wafting down and the magnolia blossoms that are bursting forth from the tree outside my window. Nature is beautiful - even at her most treacherous. It also made for the perfect opportunity to test out my new Canon S1 IS. When my old digital camera died at my birthday party last weekend, I was momentarily disappointed. Thankfully, enough friends had cameras along that the room was already aglow with more flashing bolts of light than the red carpet at a Hollywood premiere, so I still ended up with lots of party photos (thank you, friends!).

Now that I have my new camera with its beautiful, big rotatable screen, 12x optical zoom and sharp images, I realize that my old Nikon may have sacrificed itself for the good of the collective having sensed that I was jonesing for something with a higher powered lense. Thankfully, I got it before the big storm hit. Otherwise I might have been camera-less until the afternoon thaw and that’s no way to survive the long, hard return of winter. This city has been through enough already…

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