Saturday, September 02, 2006

Misty Water Colored Memories

Last night I dreamt of you, o Saturn, first new car of my youth. I was wanting to go somewhere and realized my Toyota was out of gas, so I decided to take you instead. It made me wake up thinking of all the places we've been to appease your Wanderlust...

We've driven to work on snowy days (thank you for not breaking down!)

How Furby shook his bon bon as Supergrover and Jen cheered him on as we crossed the plains, passing long church spires and talking wires on the Westward journey.

And who could forget the cheap, secret parking at Mt. Rushmore or the Mitchell Corn Palace, unrecognized 8th Wonder of the World? Not I...

Your new people may give you running from hornets, but I gave you the World (or at least the Great West of slightly East of the Missippi).


Jen said...

Oh, that trip! I remember it well!! I meant to say on the previous post -- I think that picture of the saturn was from Montana! I remember stoping and taking pictures there -- I think there were huge mountains right behind us.

Was this not the trip where we inadvertantly starved Furby while chanting "dance! dance! dance!"? Poor Furby. I hope he knew that we were just out of our minds on cold medicine and the hypnotic suggestion of Senor Ricky Martin.

Martina said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure the Saturn pic was either Wyoming or Montana. I know it was taken after we got caught in that snow storm.

Poor Furby. I hope he is liking his new home. Oh why am I so generous? Still, I think the little girl I gave him to will get the greater enjoyment out of him. Cold medicine and Senor Martin only come along under the right conditions once in a lifetime. It is one of those moments that just can't be recreated!