Saturday, August 19, 2006


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While I'm not sure that August has been marked with dignity and grandeur, I am certain that it has been a busy month. This has been a good thing, since I'm still in trying to distract myself as I wait for everything to start coming up Millhouse again. I have to think it will. It has to, right?

My optimism is, I might add, not aided by the fact that everyone at work has wedding fever due to our other Miss M. becoming Mrs. Whateverhisnameis in two weeks. I am truly happy for her, even if the timing of her joy is not amenable to my emotional highs and lows. It's hard to not speculate on my future as the proprietess of a house full of cats when everyone around me is getting married and having babies. Oh, yes, there are babies too (though not for the other Miss M.....yet).

Frankly, the revelry has been spinning out of control this month! There have been bridal showers, baby showers, and birthdays out the wazoo. It seems like half the people I know have birthdays in July and August. July clocks in with five birthdays (two of them significant - one of them coinciding with yet another celebration: Squirmador General Loquacious Robespierre Squeekmann's anniversary. Apparently I really like Cancers.

Back in July, it was all novel. The cake, the gifts, the natalatory celebrations! Then came August with the bridal parties, the baby showers, and the birthdays of 3 coworkers, 3 more friends after that, and (most importantly) my mom's birthday. While I adore you August people, we really need to talk about spreading your joy OUT a bit. November is a slow month. Or what about February? NOBODY has a birthday in February (except, as I recall, Mr. Halfbirthday, but he's been out of the picture for years). Who want to more to February?

Seriously, I think I've had more cake and cupcakes (oh, carrot ginger cupcakes you were so deliciuos!) in the past 3 weeks than I have in the past year. In the past month, I've planned a wedding shower, a birthday potluck, and a birthday brunch. The brunch was probably the most fun, because it was for my mom, and she tends to be loath to plan anything for herself that makes her the center of attention. Her birthday celebration included a brunch party, a delightful Pink Martini concert (when are they NOT delightful?) at the zoo, and the promise of some short road trips when I have my time off next month.

So, while it's been exhausting, it's been fun (even if it means there are a lot of people who aren't me getting presents and it's right in the middle of the presenty dry spell between March and Christmas). I really need to look into celebrating half-birthdays again. I had a boyfriend once, whom I had totally convinced of the merits of the half-birthday, causing him to become delightfully squirrely around Sept. 20th as he tried to make sure someone would be home to sign for the flowers without actually revealing that they were coming.

They were a nice almost surprise. There are a lot of them in life. I keep telling myself that perhaps even the things preoccupying me will also end with a nice surprise. For now, I'll just have to wait for time to take its course and try to avoid eating any more cake.


Chris said...

"Coming up Millhouse" as in the guy who, when his girlfriend had been taken away to a convent school after they'd been kissin' in a tree, said "It started out like Romeo and Juliet but it ended in tragedy"?

Here's a breakdown of the birthdays of people I know. The first figure is the number of people whose birthdays have, over the years, made it onto my computer diary. The second is more significant. Essentially it is the number of people I might actually send birthday cards to, so it excludes those I wouldn't really call friends, such as the children of friends, and those with whom I have lost touch, such as my entire family. There are one or two people with whom I have lost touch who I've included in the significant column because they are still important to me.

Jan 2 2
Feb 3 1
Mar 6 4
Apr 1 1
May 3 2
Jun 1 0
Jul 5 4
Aug 4 2
Sep 4 1
Oct 3 2
Nov 3 2
Dec 2 2

I could do it by star signs too, but quite frankly my dear...

<<'s right in the middle of the presenty dry spell between March and Christmas >>

Ahem. Your second present in just over a week should be arriving in the next day or two. And that does make two presents, not one in two parts, because your postperson will have visited twice and you will have had two lots of unwrapping to do.

Sulia Grace said...

February birthday: Ex-lover, gifted painter trapped by a censorial husband...a well, some butterflies prefer to be pinned to the wall. Her birthday is Feb. 9th.

Martina said...

And some just fly away. Still, I don't think pinning them is the answer.