Tuesday, October 18, 2005

National Novel Writing Month

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It is almost November, which means it is almost time for NaNo WriMo, otherwise known as National Novel Writing Month. Will I actually have the time (or discipline) to do it? I don't know. Either way, I am now officially registered for 2005 and have grandiose dreams of writing 50,000 words in a month. I have even found my project.

As is my way, I am excited about it now, but who knows how I will feel about it tomorrow, after something shiny has diverted my attention. Yes, the big question is whether I'll be able to hold onto my enthusiasm for my story (it really is fun, if I do say so myself) long enough to actually do anything with it. While I really want to finish the heiress to the underworld story that I started writing a few years ago, I have myself 99.9% convinced that I am going to go with my new (but yet to be revealed, because I can't have my strange ideas perverted by outside influence at this stage) concept. So, for today, I say "Viva NaNo WriMo" and I mean that wholeheartedly for as long as my fickle allegiances commit themselves to this project!

P.s. What is up with my blog? Why have my picture, profile and link info all migrated down to the bottom? I do not like this, yet, being technically inept, I have no idea how to fix it.


Jen said...

Hooray for Nano! I want to hear your idea!! I promise not to be a perverting outside influence. But I can wait. Or you can tell me on the down low in email. I *can* be discrete.

Also - your blog appears normal to me with the picture where it belongs and everything.

Martina said...

I must just live in crazytown. I looked it up from work and it was fine too. Must just be something weird with the desktop in the living room. I'll have to check if my laptop does it too.