Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Brains! Eastward Ho! - Part 4

Crawling from the grave
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Day 1 - cont'd

Before leaving the greater Echo metropolitan area, we stopped at the Echo cemetery. I don’t know why, but cemeteries always interest me, especially the older ones. I suppose it is because of all of the stories they contain. When I see all those names and dates, I wonder about the people and lives behind them. It engages my imagination.

Also, cemeteries are quiet, restful places. Plus, especially in the older ones, some of the headstone carvings can be pretty interesting. This one had some great headstones. There was a rather large one that I believe was supposed to represent the soul reaching out to heaven. The impression it made on me was more one of a corpse crawling from the grave to climb up the cross mounted above it - possibly seeking a better vantage point in its zombie search for brains. That one struck me as more creepy than restful, but maybe that’s just the zombiphobe in me talking.


Sonya said...

Dang, that pic does look creepy!
I love reading about your adventure, and it makes me want to go somewhere and do something. I have no idea where to begin, though... Did you just get a map and decide, or did you have other planning involved?

Martina said...

I'm glad you like it! I've only posted a fraction of what I have. We were gone for 3 days and I am not even up to lunch on day one, so there will be more.

I love going on these little road trips. They're always so fun. The key is to have a good road partner. Some people can be excellent city friends, but still not road suitable. Not everyone is willing to sing along to cheesy music at the top of their lungs. Not everyone has the endurance necessary for the marathon "soda-my bladder is about to burst-bathroom - more soda, please" road spiral. And you definitely cannot take someone along who reacts to "Hey, this road looks interesting, let's go see what's down it" by hyperventilating. It also helps to travel with people who make you laugh.

Each trip is planned differently, but this one was mostly because I'd driven through Eastern Oregon between here and the prairie, but never really stopped. So, I had a general area I wanted to explore. PCJ had already been there before, so she had some ideas. Her mom contributed some suggestions, and then I also got a lot of stuff by doing research in books and on Travel Oregon. Visitor's center brochures are also a good resource